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Detailed Description

The EMOVE RoadRunner Pro Seated Electric Scooter is everything you’ve been waiting for. This new, exclusive vehicle designed by VoroMotors is a heavily upgraded sequel to the award-winning EMOVE RoadRunner seated scooter. The design was tailored by requests from actual scooter riders and reviewers. Did you want a better seat? The saddle is softer, thicker and longer. More powerful performance? The Pro has bigger motors, higher top speed, a larger battery – and it's still removable for convenient charging on the go. How about a better LCD? The custom-designed VoroMotors TFT display is 3.5” wide, bright and full color with smarter settings. How about an even smoother ride? The twist throttle, new 45A sine wave controllers and dual suspension join forces, making this seated scooter the most comfortable for riding long distances every day. It has newer, better technology and higher quality features than anything out there. With nearly triple the power and range of e-bikes and at half the size of a motorcycle, the EMOVE RoadRunner Pro Seated Electric Scooter is a delight to drive. It’s already unrivaled, and it just came out. 

  • With dual 2000W motors, the EMOVE RoadRunner Pro Seated Electric Scooter has an out of the box top speed of 20mph* 
  • The 60V 30Ah LG battery (21700 cells) grants up to 50 miles of range on a single charge
  • Premium features including hydraulic front suspension, rear spring suspension, 2-piston hydraulic brakes and 14” pneumatic tires provide excellent ride quality and traction
  • New VoroMotors LCD display is centered on backswept handlebars and paired with a new twist grip throttle
  • Backed by our 1 year limited warranty, we’ll take care of you, your ride and what you need long-term, just ask our team
  • Here’s the EMOVE RoadRunner Pro User Manual


Exclusive VoroMotors Dual Motor Seated Electric Scooter 

On Display in Full Color

The TFT LCD on the EMOVE RoadRunner Pro is also a VoroMotors invention. Our engineering team designed the VoroMotors full-color 3.5” scooter display to give the Pro a larger, more sophisticated interface that’s easy to use. Instead of having to pair your phone to your scooter with a Bluetooth app, you can toggle through preferences and adjust settings directly with the button console and TFT display (not touchscreen). You can read battery status, see motor temperature, speedometer, mode and clock at once, and the colored rings around your speed remind you of which mode you’re in. How? On the 3.5” TFT display, the rings around your speed correspond with the riding mode you’re in, and how fast you’re driving.

Reinventing the Wheel

Getting a flat sucks. We custom designed these new split rim wheels with tubeless tires, so it’s easier to repair a flat – if you ever have to. The 14” x 2.75” tubeless pneumatic tires have a flatter, wider profile that works well for street riding, and doesn’t get squirrely at high speeds. With tubeless tires, you never have to carry or replace inner tubes again – since the tire seals directly to the rim. If you get a flat, the split rim design makes it easier to swap tires. Simply disconnect the plug-and-play motor, remove six screws from the hub, swap in a new tire, re-inflate, and you are back on the road. Literally re-inventing the wheel was an important goal at VoroMotors, as everyday transportation should be easy to maintain and repair.

Super Charged and Removable

The removable battery is a high quality, high capacity LG 60V 30 Ah (M50LT) that’s designed to perform consistently and safely, charge after charge. Composed of pure nickel with copper-infused strips, the electrical current flows more efficiently and with lower heat dissipation. This LG battery is also used in other high-performance electric scooters because it has a high maximum discharge of 90A, and battery management system (BMS) capable of up to 100A, and is controlled by dual 45A sine wave controllers. The discharge wires are 8 AWG and charging wires are 16 AWG (aka super thick) which don’t get as hot as thinner gauge wires, so you can leave the EMOVE RoadRunner Pro on the charger overnight without damaging the battery or your other belongings. 

Brutal Performance at a Ridiculous Price

If you want a luxurious ride that hits insane top speeds and lasts you long-term for under $4,000, look no further. With dual 2000W motors on par with the Wolf King GT and other faster scooters, the RoadRunner Pro truly is a steal. You can double the range to over 100 miles with the swappable 60V LG battery (21700 cells, 1800 Wh of capacity). It’s more than enough speed and range for urban living, and far more portable and affordable than Onyx, Surron, and premium e-bikes available today. The RoadRunner Pro is easily a $4,000 scooter, but our ability to develop and produce electric scooters in-house is how we can offer this brand new model at such an insane price.

Rider on RoadRunner Pro

Suspension that Rocks

Suspension on the RoadRunner Pro feels amazing. Like the legendary Kaabo Wolf King GT, the Pro has a customized dual crown fork for fortified frontend stability and excellent long-term durability. The front hydraulic suspension helps absorb potholes and keeps you driving straight. The rear dual spring suspension rebounds against bumps, and makes this seated electric scooter comfortable to ride on long trips every day. Suspension on the rear is a new feature that was heavily requested by owners of the OG RoadRunner. With full suspension, the RoadRunner Pro rides like a dream, even when you’re hitting high speeds. 

Longer, Thicker, Better Seat

Why stand when you can sit? Requested by real RoadRunner owners, we designed a new scooter seat that’s longer and thicker than the seat on the OG RoadRunner. The RoadRunner Pro seat is filled with supple memory foam conformed to keep your bum happy, mile after mile. The seat measures 20” long by 7.9” wide and 3.5” thick and is wrapped in a wear-resistant and heat-resistant material, which helps keep your seat in good condition long-term. If you plan to park your scooter outside, the seat won’t absorb as much heat as traditional bike seats or other seated scooters, so you can unlock, power on, and go without riding on a hot seat.

Roadrunner Pro Taillight

Bright Moto Style Headlight

No need for aftermarket headlights. This is the one

Comfortable Twist Throttle

Exceptional control for long rides

Adjustable Front Fender

Customize height of the fender to your riding style

Taillight and Turn Signals

Orange LED brake light and blinkers for safety

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