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Paris Hilton Would Rather Ride an e-Scooter Than Walk Inside Her Home

Paris Hilton Would Rather Ride an e-Scooter Than Walk Inside Her Home

Some celebrities have incredible, very tastefully-done custom rides. Others go for the added dose of extra, like Paris Hilton and JoJo Siwa. Put Paris and JoJo in the same driveway and you get...
Why Get an Inokim Electric Scooter in NYC?

Why Get an Inokim Electric Scooter in NYC?

Why Get an Inokim Electric Scooter in NYC?  [September 2022]       MTA Subway: NYC Subway Crime is Up Significantly vs. 2019 levels o   Subway crime continues to remain higher vs. pre-pandemic years       Uber: Uber...

Inokim 2023 Collection

Available in New York Showroom

Inokim Light 2 Inokim Light 2


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30 lb Weight
20 miles Max Range
21 mph Max Speed
2023 INOKIM QUICK 4 Hero/Super 2023 INOKIM QUICK 4 Hero/Super


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47.4 lb Weight
43.5 miles Max Range
25 mph Max Speed
Inokim OX Inokim OX


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55.1lb Weight
50 miles Max Range
28 mph Max Speed
Inokim OXO Inokim OXO

INOKIM OXO (Duel Motor)

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73.85 lb Weight
68 miles Max Range
40 mph Max Speed


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48.5 lb Weight
47 miles Max Range
16 mph Max Speed

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Reasons to purchase Inokim`s electric scooter

10-inch pneumatic rubber tires for high grip and safe travel
Red Dot Award Winner
Red Dot Award Winner Stylish and functional design with innovative folding mechanism
A range of up to 50 miles - better than most electric bikes
Ultra lightweight and easy to carry - 29 lbs (light model)
Traffic time
Saving time in traffic jams or parking simply jump on and enjoy
Air Pollution
Zero Emissions 100% electric engine that doesn`t emit pollutans at all
Only three hours of charging on a regular home socket
Unique and simple folding mechanism with compact dimensions
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Inokim NYC

INOKIM is an eco-friendly company that produces high-quality electric scooters and accessories for people who care about the environment. Our scooters will help you rapidly and comfortably reach appreciable distances within a short period of time and with a minimum of effort. You can reach up to 68 miles on a single charge with INOKIM scooters, topping out at 40 mph.

If you want to successfully avoid traffic jams, constant delays, and discomfort in the mornings while commuting to work or other places of importance – INOKIM is what you are looking for. And we’re excited to announce that now you will have the opportunity to purchase INOKIM electric scooters in our shop in NYC!

INOKIM Company has a sound word in the area of technology, especially in producing INOKIM electric scooters and various accessories for them.

You can use our electric scooters as full-fledged personal transport that will ride you around the city and will help solving your daily tasks. You can easily go to any place of your pleasure enjoying the fresh air, viewing beautiful scenery without clogging the atmosphere.

You can find scooters that will meet your every need in our model range – from the foldable scooters with a low center of gravity and only 30-lbs weight, to a “monster” with a huge power reserve for urban and off-road riding.

You can order any replacement component and various accessories like helmets, carry bags, locks, seats, etc., for your INOKIM electric scooter in our shop. Besides, we are waiting for you to have a test ride of your dream scooter!

Inokim NYC