Paris Hilton Would Rather Ride an e-Scooter Than Walk Inside Her Home

Some celebrities have incredible, very tastefully-done custom rides. Others go for the added dose of extra, like Paris Hilton and JoJo Siwa. Put Paris and JoJo in the same driveway and you get the “CEOs of being extra.”

Paris Hilton, the ultimate celebrity of the 2000s, never really went anywhere but she did lose her footing at the top of the food chain at the end of that decade. These days, she’s mounting a comeback in reality television, thanks to a new cooking show on Netflix and plans to have her three-day wedding documented for a new series. In short, she has stuff to promote.

So here she is, offering a look inside at her glamorous life at the Slivington Manor in Beverly Hills, where she does what she calls “sliving.” Sliving, like the infamous catchphrase “That’s hot!,” is a very Paris thing, a portmanteau of “slaying” and “killing it” and “living your best life.”

Apparently, sliving implies not having to walk anymore, which can come especially in handy if you live inside a sprawling manse where, as noted above, you’d get sore feet by simply walking from room to room. Much like model Cara Delevingne before her, Paris too relies on a scooter for that, but she prefers an electric model.

One of Paris’ most recent Instagram posts shows her riding an Inokim e-scooter around her house, with the caption implying she does that on the regular. The video is most likely sponcon, seeing how she’s wearing a sparkly blue dress and she’s riding a matching scooter. She wore that same dress while in New York for an appearance on Jimmy Fallon this week, and the chances of Paris wearing the same outfit in two separate cities are absurd.

So, yes, this is a sponcon. But it does speak to the reality of one-percenters, where they get to scoot around their own homes because they’re so vast that the effort of traversing them is too much. At the very least, Paris is doing it in a very on-brand way, with a matching scooter; you wouldn’t expect any less from the woman who gets custom cars to match her favorite outfits.

Speaking of scooters, Inokim holds the 2018 RedDot award in design and delivers a wide range of models, from the mini for the daily commute to the beast for rough riding, all of them with suspension, solid range, and top speed and performance. If you’re going to be sliving, you might as well do it on an Inokim, right?

Mimi also did sliving back in the day.