The INOKIM air pump is a portable pump with integrated LED lights that are helpful at nighttime. Works on any scooter with pneumatic tires.

The INOKIM portable air pump is a must-have accessory for your INOKIM electric scooter! It combines a compact design and stylish aluminum housing. You can take this pump for any ride you are planning.

One of the special qualities of the INOKIM air pump is integrated LED lights which will perfectly help you if, by chance, you will need to pump your wheels at nighttime. Set the desired tire pressure in advance and inflate it with precision before your ride. The maximum pressure of your tires must be 150 PSI. It allows you to pump any wheel, including a truck tire if needed. INOKIM air pump works on any scooter with pneumatic tires.

This electric pump has a built-in rechargeable li-ion battery for 6.6 W / h, which can be recharged from an outlet or any device with a USB output, including a regular external battery (power bank).

Its weight is only 1.01 lb and its parameters are 2.04/1.6/8 inches.

If you want to have the ideal pump, small, almost pocket-sized, with a short hose with a "snap" tip and a pressure gauge, you are welcome to our INOKIM shop to get it!