Wearproof, high-quality tubes for all models of electric scooters INOKIM: OX, OXO, LIGHT FRONT, LIGHT BACK and QUICK. EOSD Tubes of the electric scooters are one of the most critical components of the device, as well as tires, motor, and...
INOKIM bag is a comfortable, water-repellent, and reliable travel bag for the handlebar of your scooter. Made from highly resistant nylon Suitable for LIGHT, QUICK, OX electric scooters. Available in many colors. EOSD Suitable for: LIGHT, QUICK, OX Easy to...
The INOKIM rubber phone holder is made for users who lead an active lifestyle. It has high strength and wear resistance due to high-quality rubber with good elasticity.EOSD The INOKIM rubber phone holder is an excellent choice for users who...
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INOKIM helmets is a guarantee of safety for a scooter lover. They have excellent impact resistance and attractiveness and submitted in various colors.EOSD A helmet is a must-have accessory and an essential part of protection. A properly selected helmet is...
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The INOKIM air pump is a portable pump with integrated LED lights that are helpful at nighttime. Works on any scooter with pneumatic tires.EOSD The INOKIM portable air pump is a must-have accessory for your INOKIM electric scooter! It combines...
INOKIM replacement tires for Mini, Light, Quick 3, OX, and OXO models of your electric scooter. EOSD Owners of electric scooters and electric bikes are the same road users as drivers of cars and motorcycles. Therefore, road traffic rules, as...
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INOKIM LOCK is a reliable foldable lock for your electric scooter with anti-theft disc brake system for the safety of your device. It is suitable for OX, LIGHT, QUICK, MINI INOKIM electric scooters.EOSD INOKIM LOCK is a reliable foldable lock...
from $45.00
INOKIM offers you original top-quality lithium-ion charges for your electric scooters. EOSD The volume of the battery is the most obvious pattern that affects the duration of the full charging cycle of the electric scooter. The more powerful the battery...
Off-road tire Inokim OX (Pair of 2)
10 X 3 Inch Off-road tire Inokim OX
INOKIM CARRY BAG is an excellent bag for your electric scooter that is thought out to the smallest detail. Made of high-quality 1680D oxford cloth and equipped for user’s convenience. Suitable for LIGHT and QUICK models of the electric scooter....

INOKIM Company is a sound word for producing high-quality electric scooters and E-bikes for the connoisseurs of comfort, stability, quality, and style. Our scooters made of aviation aluminum will give the riders a sense of security and reliability, riding them everywhere they need without any efforts and expenses. 

The official manufacturer of INOKIM scooters, in addition to electric vehicles themselves, offers accessories for all the models that will make the usage of electric scooters easier and more enjoyable.

In our shop, you will find all the necessary replacement parts and top-quality accessories for your electric scooters which will be a great addition to your device.

High-quality tubes that are extremely resistant to tears and scratches, wearproof tires that provide a good grip of the scooter with the surface, impact-resistant helmets of various colors, and a reliable foldable lock for secure storage of your INOKIM electric scooter are very popular accessories with our users who really care about their safety.

A leather cushion seat, high-quality rubber phone holder with good elasticity, water- and tear-resistant nylon bag for small things, and a carry bag for the scooter itself are the most important apps for those who set a value upon an operation comfort.

INOKIM users who don’t like unpleasant surprises will find an air pump with integrated LED lights, and lithium-ion chargers for their electric scooters to always be on the toes.

If you have any questions concerning INOKIM electric scooters and their accessories, you can always visit our shop and we will gladly help you.