INOKIM helmets is a guarantee of safety for a scooter lover. They have excellent impact resistance and attractiveness and submitted in various colors.
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A helmet is a must-have accessory and an essential part of protection. A properly selected helmet is a guarantee of safety for any scooter lover who uses it on hard concrete streets and roads. Helmets help minimize the risk of head injuries and bruises.

Helmets for electric scooters INOKIM are designed for your safety and comfort. They come with an open-face design that allows the rider to have the maximum vision. The size adjustment system allows you to fit the helmet to the size of your head and fix it well. Our helmets are suitable for different riding styles and are available in different colors (black, white, orange, blue, and green). In our shop, you can get basic helmets as well as helmets with led light.  The weight of the basic helmet is 410g while the one with led light weights only 350g and has 2 modes of led lights. You can get M-size (55-58 cm) and L-size (58-61 cm) of this accessory according to the size of your head.

Our helmets are characterized by excellent impact resistance and attractiveness. They are light, comfortable, and stylish. All the INOKIM helmets are branded with our logo to match your scooter.

You can come to our INOKIM shop any time and try the helmet on before buying it. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable with it.