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INOKIM replacement tires for Mini, Light, Quick 3, OX, and OXO models of your electric scooter.
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Owners of electric scooters and electric bikes are the same road users as drivers of cars and motorcycles. Therefore, road traffic rules, as well as the safety rules of any transport, should be known and observed by everyone.

The tires of electric scooters are an essential consumption part that is responsible for the safety of the rider on the road. They provide maximum ride comfort and stability of the vehicle.

Unfortunately, not all the users of electric scooters regularly monitor the correct tire pressure. This is often why traffic accidents occur. In addition, the endurance of the tires is significantly reduced if not used properly.

If you are a responsible rider and you really care about your electric scooter, you should know that INOKIM will provide you with the most wearproof, high-quality tires for your device.

Our tires provide a good grip of the scooter with the surface and roll under operating conditions and improve the specific output of this mode of transport.

CST pneumatic tires with reinforced nylon sidewalls and tubes provide unsurpassed comfort and stability at high speeds.

In our shop, you can get replacement tires for such models of INOKIM as Mini, Light, Quick 3, OX, and OXO.

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Aleksandr Shkapkin
Hard to put on

Very stiff must have hot water and heat gun with oil and glover

Sherab Gyaltsen

Inokim tires

Fernando Borba

Inokim tires