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Tubes of the electric scooters are one of the most critical components of the device, as well as tires, motor, and other parts of it.

A high-quality and reliable tube for a scooter has a significant impact on driving safety.

Since it is made of elastic material, it can be easily inflated to the required size, but the diameter needs special attention from the rider.

To correctly choose and buy a tube for a scooter, you should find out the tire diameter according to the model of your device. If you have INOKIM electric scooter and are not sure what the diameter is, visit our shop, and we will help you understand what exact tube you need.

To avoid unpleasant situations on the road, it is vital to carry out diagnostics of the condition of the wheels from time to time.

Replacing the tube on your electric scooter in time will provide the rider and his device with such advantages as:

  • Easy and precise control. Properly selected and inflated tube for the wheel of the electric scooter provides a reliable grip on the roadbed and guarantees confidence when driving.
  • Excellent behavior of the scooter during long rides and in off-road conditions.
  • The new tube will reduce the chances of tire damage. Even riding on an excellent road, small bumps can disable the wheel if the tube has been used for a long time or has been repaired many times.

INOKIM tubes are a modern and high-tech product that provides the required performance properties. Our tubes are extremely resistant to tears, scratches. They are durable in use and equipped with a high-quality valve that retains more pressure.

The tubes for all models of the INOKIM electric scooters are available in our shop. They come as pair of 2.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Kevin Kelley

I had a flat on the back tire like the second time riding it :(. Other than that it’s cool

Phong Luong


Stacey Martino
Not fitting correctly

I had serious problems fitting both tubes and they popped shortly after installation. The first one would not fit in the tire and kept getting stuck in the rim. The second one had a valve that was too long and I could not bend or reposition it no matter what I did. I deflated and inflated it several times but it kept bumping up against the frame and eventually blew out. After all that I still do not have a functioning tire.

Javier Garcia

Inokim tubes

Tony Djokovic

Broke one trying to install and other didn’t even last a week