INOKIM LOCK is a reliable foldable lock for your electric scooter with anti-theft disc brake system for the safety of your device. It is suitable for OX, LIGHT, QUICK, MINI INOKIM electric scooters.
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INOKIM LOCK is a reliable foldable lock for secure storage of your INOKIM electric scooter.

This lock is convenient to transport because of its small, compact size. Anti-theft disc brake lock will protect your scooter from theft while you are in the store, in the office, or in other crowded places. It is suitable for: OX, LIGHT, QUICK, MINI.

The lock is equipped with a heavy-duty and cut-resistant steel bar, so you will not worry about your device. A sturdy and vibration-proof mounting bracket significantly complicates the hacking and theft of a scooter by detractors. The long steel bar is only 34 inches, therefore the lock together with a scooter is easy to store and carry when not in use.

Besides, the INOKIM lock is supplied with flexible hinge pins, a reversible key for its owner, and also IN-X cylinder.

You will not be able to break the lock itself, since the device is securely fastened, and the wheel itself is blocked by the lock, which can also not be removed if a person doesn’t have a key. The remarkable thing is that INOKIM LOCK also has a dust cap and corrosion protection that makes the thing to serve you for the long term.