OZOa: 22 kg | 48.5 lb

OZOe: 21 kg | 46.3 lb

Top Speed:

25 km/h

16 mph


36V 10.5Ah


240W Gearless

Charge Time:

6 hours

Top Range:

OZOa: 40 km | 25 miles Electric only / 75 km | 47 miles Pedal assisted

OZOe: 40 km | 25 miles

Road Lights:

Integral led lights


Front and rear disk brakes


16”/2-125 pneumatic tires

Max Load:

100 kg

220 lb


Aviation Aluminum-Alloy

LCD Display:

LCD Display with functions

Open size:

137 x 59 x 101.5 cm

54 x 23.2 x 40 inch

Foldable size:

137 x 59 x 77 cm

54 x 23.2 x 30 inch

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OZOa bike scheme
OZOa bike dimensions
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OZOe bike scheme
OZOe bike dimensions

INOKIM OZO E-Bike is an eco-friendly transport with the driving qualities of a scooter. It allows physically untrained people to overcome steep climbs and considerable distances. It is a pure electric seated e-scooter that gives riders an extra help of dynamism for inclines and long commutes.

INOKIM OZO E-Bike is produced from light and durable aluminum and equipped with a reliable 240W gearless motor with built-in easy removable Lithium-ion 36V, 10.5a/h battery for the case when a rider wants to pedal it like an ordinary bike for sports. It needs only 6 hours to charge fully.

The range of full-electric usage can reach 25 miles, and with pedal assistance, it goes 37 miles. The top speed of the bike is 16 mph.

The maximum load capacity of the bike is up to 220 lbs.

The bike uses dual mechanical hydraulic disc brakes that provide effective braking on any surface to ensure a safe ride.

INOKIM OZO E-Bike has front and rear LED lights with automatic switching on in the dark that performs a stop signal's function, which will help a rider at night time.

The bike is provided with thick 16-inch-tires wheels and the rear suspension. It provides excellent traction.

There is a big LCD monitor with brightness adjustment and backlight for the night time that displays speed, battery charge, distance, speed mode, cruise control option. Its folding handlebars make portability easy.

Compared with cars, the usage, parking, and storage of INOKIM OZO E-Bike require far fewer expenses and space.

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