INOKIM offers you original top-quality lithium-ion charges for your electric scooters.

The volume of the battery is the most obvious pattern that affects the duration of the full charging cycle of the electric scooter. The more powerful the battery is, the longer it will take to fully charge it.

The characteristics of the charger are an equally important parameter, but it is more hidden. Not every owner of an electric scooter knows that the speed of a full charge cycle is strongly affected by the output amperage of the charge itself.

INOKIM recommends using only the original battery charging for your electric scooters. They are considered to be preferable because they do not overload the battery of the device. For the long-lasting service of your charger, do not allow overcharging: as soon as the light goes out (or lights up, depending on the design), disconnect the charger from power.

If your INOKIM electric scooter has a lithium-ion battery (and INOKIM does provide the scooters with it), you should know that this type of battery can be charged fragmentally (as needed). Partial charging of lithium batteries only increases their service life.

During the off-season period, when the electric scooter is stored on the shelf, keep the battery level at 45-50%. Once every 2-3 months, take out the gadget and recharge its battery. This will benefit the battery. And keep in mind that you need to store the battery at room temperature.