The INOKIM rubber phone holder is made for users who lead an active lifestyle. It has high strength and wear resistance due to high-quality rubber with good elasticity.

The INOKIM rubber phone holder is an excellent choice for users who lead an active lifestyle. The accessory is used to attach smartphones to the steering wheel of a scooter. With the help of reliable fastening, it is fastened to the vehicle frame, which ensures the security of the mobile device even when driving off-road.

Made of high-quality rubber with good elasticity, this accessory has high strength and wear resistance. It is practical and versatile-suitable for any model of INOKIM scooters and mobile phones of any company. The smartphone holder provides the following advantages during the trip:

  • Driving a vehicle, the rider does not distract from the road looking for a mobile device in his pocket or backpack.
  • When the smartphone is in front of your eyes, it allows the rider not to miss important calls so he/she can immediately see the call, stop at a convenient place and call back.
  • Riders can track their location on the map on the phone online, as well as, using special applications, monitor the current speed, and view statistics of distances traveled.

Don't talk on the phone while riding a scooter! It's not safe!

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